Ultralux Window Systems doors are the ultimate in front and back door design, offering an extensive list of security features, matched with a wide range of styles and finishes. They can be finished in a very high gloss white PVCu or in a selection of woodgrain foils with designer features which provide the security, thermal efficiency and durability expected from a top quality door.

Every Ultralux door is manufactured to the highest standard using top quality components and is subject to rigorous quality checks throughout its manufacture.

The entrance to a property speaks volumes about its owners. An elegant door from the Ultralux Composite range will bring a personal touch of style to the entrance of any home.

This exclusive range is available as a front or rear entrance door, offering a choice of different styles and colours.

Just add your client’s preferred decorative glass and choice of furniture options to offer a fully featured, personalised door.

Benefits – Security, Access, Durability, Energy


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French doors 

This offers fantastic flexibility and maximises the accessible area into a garden or terrace. It will allow maximum natural light into your home and if designed as opening out it will not restrict the amount of living space in your home.  It is worth noting that with Ultralux French doors there is no need to bend down or reach for the sky when trying to open the second door.  You can operate both sets of door locks by a pair of matching handles and one key will operate both mechanisms. If your doors do open outwards you should consider the addition of a restrictor to prevent them from being damaged when blown back by the wind.  For extra security on hinged doors we can add hinge bolts which are fixed on the hinge side of the door and penetrate into the reinforcing when closed.

Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors work really well when an opening is too wide for French doors or where restricted space makes a hinged door impractical smooth rollers make the doors effortless to open and multiple locking points make them secure… patio doors are also ideal as slim framed room dividers. 

Folding Sliding Doors

This extraordinarily versatile product provides ultimate use of light and space in truly wide openings.  Bi-folding doors will provide an unstrcited view of the outside world and truly bring the ambience of the outdoors inside.  Our flexible folding doors can partially or fully opned and will stack neatly to one side giving valuable new space and living.


Ultralux windows and doors incorporate many security features as standard and will defend your home against the most determined of unwanted visitors.  When you close the window you will see that wth a single action the handle simultaneously activates sliding claw locks which move in opposing directions and shoot bolts which slide out from the corner of the window top and bottom deep into metal receiving keeps.  When you open the window you will notice all these locking points retract into the frame and that the mechanism are all fully hidden from view.  The hinge side of the window if further enhanced with cleverly designed window hinges that cannot be priced open,  in effect all 4 corners Are independently locked.  This enhances both security, weather and draft proofing.  The hinges are further enhanced with hinge guards.

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