Our exclusive products are amongst the best performing on the market today, taking full advantage of the increased thermal efficiency offered by its standard six chamber sash and outer frames, providing the most energy efficient windows available.

These uPVC window offers a thin, stylish appearance, along with 28mm double glazed sealed units or 36mm triple glazed sealed units for ultimate sound and heat retention. The windows are all manufactured from 70mm deep profiles and available in Chamfered; Sculptured and Flush Systems.

As well as offering a range of fully customisable styles and colours, users will also benefit from increased security from our innovative profile designs and selected products are certified ‘Secured by Design’ by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows simply have sashes that open out on special hinges which use friction to keep them open in the position which you choose.  Because this type of window opens outwards and has a rebated sash which lips over the outer frame, they offer superb protection against the wind and the rain.  They can replicate any style of timber window, with openings from the side or the bottom.

If you have an eye for detail you may wish to incorporate dummy sashes in to your design.  This allows you to balance out the sight lines of an opening sash with one which has no locking mechanism or handle.  You will be surprised what a difference this can make to the look of your house.

Whatever window type you decide upon you can choose from a range of finishes which suit your home.  The ever-popular white is still favourite and gives the appearance of a freshly painted home year after year.

Your original windows may have a wood stain finish or perhaps you just want a change from white.  It is not possible to apply a stain to a UVPC window but we supply an almost unlimited supply of colours including cream, rosewood, golden oak, Irish oak, black, Chartwell green, blue or grey.  Special finishes beyond this range are also available.

The UVPC sections which are used to manufacture our products are available in two different profiles that can alter the appearance of your windows. The bevelled range has been designed to copy the traditional putty line which is used to glaze a timber window with a simple flat surface whereas the featured frame has a more finer detailing to give the appearance of a shaped timber bead used to secure the glass.

All the Ultralux casement windows come with a special type of hinge referred to as friction stay.  These clever hinges allow you to effortlessly open the window to your chosen position, once there the geometry of the hinge and friction combine to keep it in place without fear of it being caught by the wind and blown back.

There are certain legal requirements relating to your security, and in the unlikely event of a fire, we may have to fit special hinges in some rooms to allow windows to be used as an emergency exit.  You may also want to have our easy clean hinge.  This clever option allows you to slide the open window to one side so that you can safely clean the outside without climbing a ladder.  There are also restrictor hinges which may be appropriate for a child’s room or a low window where there may be a risk of someone falling.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Our most popular across main land Europe, allowing the biggest possible glass area, they open in to your house.  This can be useful if you have limited clearance outside and they are very easy to keep clean as even the outside of the glass can be washed easily from inside the room.  The locking and hinge arrangements mean you can either open this type of sash at a fixed angle to allow ventilation or you can open it from the side, giving the maximum aperture to let in as much light and air as possible.


Once your new widows are installed the component you will touch and operate most, will be the handles.  You will want them to be pleasing to both touch and look and they must compliment the feel of your décor and above all they must function perfectly time after time.  Our handles offer the very best combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal.  Each handle is offset so that when gripping the handle your knuckles are a safe distance from the frame.  When moved to the closed position it automatically locks into place against a positive stop.  Yet is simply released by the press of a button when you need to open the window.  For extra security, our handles can be dead locked with a key.  Available in white, black, polished chrome for satin chrome,  All finishes meet the corrosion  resistance requirements of BS EN 1670:1988.


Although often taken for granted glass in recent years has some amazing technological developments.  As standard your windows will have a special coating which reflects heat back in to your room and ensures that they comply with the latest building regulations relating to insulation levels. We can further improve this performance by filling the cavity between the glass with argon gas.  We can use a special glass which allows more solar heat to get in to your home.  We can offer you glass which cleans itself using the power of the sun and the rain.  If you have a south facing room with large windows you may want to consider a reflective glass which keeps it cooler on very sunny days.  Acoustic insulation is becoming of more concern and we can also offer acoustic glass to significantly enhance and improve the acoustic performance of your home.

Triple glazing is becoming more and more popular and this automatically improves the acoustic and thermal performance of your windows. We will of course as part of our commitment to quality control and safely ensure that you and your family are safe by fitting toughened or laminated glass to all doors and high-risk areas.  Rest assured that your installation under taken by Ultralux will protect you.

Traditional leaded glass can be recreated in double glazed units and we will take care to replicate the original layout as closely as possible.  If you have Georgian style windows with individual small glaze pains then we have two viable options for you to replicate this popular look.  Bars placed inside the glass unit leave the windows easy to clean, but maintain the right appearance but for a really authentic look we can offer traditions shaped bars fixed to the surface of the glass both inside and out which really give the impression of separate units.

Traditional Sliding Sash Windows

Traditional vertical sliding sash windows with modern day performance in UPVC with crafted attention to detail combining the functional benefits and performance of UVPC with the feel aesthetic appeal and operational simplicity of a traditional wooden sash window.  The authentic style of our vertically sliding sash windows can replicate the original Victorian timber windows but in the modern UPVC equivalent they are low in maintenance, energy efficient, double glazed and draft free.

The key features which characterise the original timber sash window have been retained and you can copy the original design and configuration with traditionally jointed deep bottom rail, ornamental horns, easy clean tilt facility and locking restrictors.  All fitted with A rated energy glass and toughened glass as standard.  Traditional locking catches with night vent position, pole eye for easy opening and closing along with traditionally jointed deep bottom rail, accentuate the timeless elegance of this excellent product.

Mock Sliding Sash Windows

Have been designed to replace the more tradition sliding box sash windows and these imitate the traditional frame with external horns, glazing designs, along with minimal maintenance, high security and thermal efficiency.


Ultralux windows and doors incorporate many security features as standard and will defend your home against the most determined of unwanted visitors.  When you close the window you will see that wth a single action the handle simultaneously activates sliding claw locks which move in opposing directions and shoot bolts which slide out from the corner of the window top and bottom deep into metal receiving keeps.  When you open the window you will notice all these locking points retract into the frame and that the mechanism are all fully hidden from view.  The hinge side of the window if further enhanced with cleverly designed window hinges that canot be priced open,  in effeft all 4 corners re independently locked.  This enhances both security, weather and draft proofing.  The hinges are further enhanced with hinge guards

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